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Now Online: Monet Demonstration on StudioTalk

This week on StudioTalk Martin Kinnear created a delicate and subtle Spring themed demonstration after Monet and we revealed our latest Star Student in Mock Up of the Week, our regular slot devoted to helping Studiotalk members showcase their best work online. All this is available on the StudioTalk Facebook Page for 7 days , if you are not a member yet , join today here and you could be our star next week!

Demonstrations that actually help

Tanya K · posted

'This is what I love about Martin's approach - the consistent use of terms. That so helps with learning and understanding of the complex art of painting.'

Our students loved the subtle use of colour and how Martin showed them how building the picture up from start to finish is so vital in this demonstration.

Mock Up of the Week, is StudioTalk's version of the Paul Hollywood handshake in GBBO, each week Martin Kinnear chooses one image from the StudioTalk Facebook newsfeed to give it a Room Set mock up treatment for use by the artist in their own social media stream. This week Martin chose this lovely painting by Christine Erica Bainbridge, in the style of Paul Minter who ran StudioTalk last week with his joyous take on colourful paintings.

Foundation Corner

Each week on StudioTalk we dive into one area of essential foundation skills , this week we covered the why's and wherefores of Coloured Grounds .

Congratulations to Nandhini N

At her first showing of works at her local Craft Market Nandhini sold an impressive 10 paintings! Well done Nandhini , she mentions that in fact she lost some sales as she was chatting to some people too long!. We absolutely love hearing and sharing our members success stories.

Nandhini says

"Today was an exhibition of my paintings at my local craft market and all my learning in the past two years from NPS came to fruition and I am super happy to say that I sold 10 of my paintings and lost a few members of the public because I was busy talking to paying members a little too much so they just went past.. learnt loads of how to hold an event but the actual happiness was how I spent my time in lockdown with those nuances in oil paintings which will result in a day like today.. A huge Thank you Team Martin and the community members whose support did matter in that journey without a doubt.."

Are you ready to shine?

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We have been told by so many StudioTalk members that our teaching has transformed their paintings that we want to give you 2 weeks StudioTalk membership free so you have an opportunity to see for yourself.

You can cancel your membership at any time but we sincerely hope that you don't want to and we look forward to celebrating your success here!

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