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Watch us paint with the Masters then try it for yourself! Serious tuition for experienced painters and ambitious amateurs, broadcast live and interactive straight from our studio to yours.
Now StudioTalk Members can enjoy 5% off selected Masterclasses (see individual classes, and below for details).  

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  • Clever Colour 2022
    Tue, 06 Sept
    Online via Zoom
    Join other intermediate painters and learn the optical tricks used by Post Impressionists such as Bonnard to redefine the technique of Colourist painting. The methods taught in this course are suitable for all genres.
  • Morning Ride Signature Masterclass
    Tue, 20 Sept
    Online via Zoom
    Signature Classes are live interactive online step by step courses on how to recreate the worlds great masterpieces. In this class: Morning Ride after Mauve.
  • Painting for a Gallery 2022
    Tue, 18 Oct
    Online Via Zoom
    A second opportunity to learn how to create and present three in style works for gallery and open competition submissions with Martin Kinnear
  • Nocturnes 2022
    Tue, 01 Nov
    Online via Zoom
    Join other intermediate painters and learn how 19th Century masters such as Grimshaw, Turner and Whistler created dark, yet often colourful ' Nocturnes' full of atmosphere and visual drama on this course on Indirect glazing in oil.
  • Contemporary Landscape Masterclass
    Tue, 15 Nov
    Online Via Zoom
    Contemporary Landscapes for Advanced oil painters with Martin Kinnear
StudioTalk Members Save 5%

StudioTalk Members can save 5% on selected masterclasses. Discount is applied upon purchase providing you are paying StudioTalk Member and are signed into this website so the cart recognises your membership status. 

Masterclasses in Brief: 

Scheduled 2 1/2 hour Interactive Painting Demonstrations & Lectures

Stand Alone Course with limited places, not a subscription 

Watch Live via ZOOM and watch on demand for 7 days

Easy to attend, watch our short Help Video if you are new to ZOOM

Fully interactive , just like watching in class

Core Notes for each class included

Different projects each Masterclass for all interests and abilities

Taught in Oil for experienced artists and ambitious amateurs

The Ideal way to learn new professional techniques and creative approaches


At the weekend I sold a painting that had been festering in my local pub for 3 years, whoop whoop.  

To celebrate my sale I enrolled for “Contemporary Glazing” and how thankful I am, Its like a ray of sunshine that has broken through the smog….. What a revelation in terms of technique that I or anyone can use in our paintings.  

So just saying folks, that “moment” is just around the corner, thank you Martin Kinnear, what an inspirational artist.

Stella O'M January2022