Generosity of spirit and a willingness to share a passion for creative painting lies at the heart of our School. Yes, painting is a discipline, but ultimately it's for and about people.  

Martin Kinnear. Founder and Course Director  


Diploma Student

I completed the dipolma last year and can truly say it was one of the best moves I have ever made .. both inspiring and enlightening ..the school became an extended family and taught me so much and it gave me the confidence to step out on the path to being a professional artist ..thank you Martin and all his wonderful talented team

Course Student

Exceptional quality at every level, vision, planning, teaching, equipment, facilities, one to one supervision, friendliness and personal challenges, the school grows from strength to strength under the direction of its founder Martin Kinnear.

Studio Talk Student

Martin and Bryony are a wealth of information. Great online tuition!

Diploma Student

I had avoided picking up a paintbrush for a whole lifetime. (I'm 62) 

After joining a 4 day course with Martin and seeing what was possible I decided to take their Fine Art Painting Diploma. It was a year course and I believe my ability went from strength to strength. I thoroughly enjoyed the thought provoking questions, the camaraderie as well as the excellent teaching. 

The staff are supportive, friendly and genuinely caring. 

Today I am ready and raring to have my very first painting exhibition 'Indivisible' - (in fact it was due to begin today but has been postponed because of COVID 19). It will be held in the Autumn now - God willing. 

I cannot recommend this course, Martin's teaching and the whole package highly enough. 

Many thanks to Martin, Jane (his wife) and the whole team.

Studio Talk Student

In a summary Season 1 of studio talks was fantastic to begin with and ended on a grand note with an inspiring Demo by Martin of Maurice Sapiro.. on a personal note I managed to do 7 of the paintings albeit in different ways like watercolour, digital sketches, Oils on paper and oil on Board and canvas.. I was associated with every single demo as Martin and Bryony guided me with their nuggets of knowledge and the studio talk community which created curiousity and inspired in turn to get up and show up every Tuesday morning. It did not end in that.. the forum resources and blogs were icing on the cake which added to the kit we all held as artists. The first painting of Gwen John I did was so funny looking back thinking that how it mattered what background I had on my artwork.. It DID matter Now. I added a little bit more clutter to my studio albeit in a good way and a practice which I enjoy the most. Thank you for this NPS ! Look forward to tomorrow’s talk!

Diploma Student

Where to begin? It is the most intensive, interesting oil painting school, probably in the world, since people from all over the world beat a path to the school's door. Martin and Jane Kinnear have created something very special and Martin is one of Britain's most accomplished contemporary painters. Whats not to like. Fabulous. Also love the mickey-taking banter between Martin and his Studio Manager, Bryony. Together they make every course a complete delight.

Our Teaching Code

We set up The Norfolk Painting School in 2007, with a very simple aim in mind: to help people of all ages and all abilities, become the best painter they could be.

To enable you, to discover your creative potential we concentrate on teaching, not a house style, but the principles of painting - things that will enable you to decide how you want to paint . We do Classical, Baroque, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary courses, not because we don't have our own successful art practices  but because we know that you want to make your own choices and not be limited by ours.

Does it work? Well, the acid test of any business is the unsolicited letters, emails and reviews submitted by its customers. The vast majority of our students, tell us that they love the learning opportunities we provide and in particular the exposure to new ideas which we constantly provide. The quotes below are from students who have been with us from the start, and some who joined us in the last few months, but they speak candidly of their experience of exploring their creative potential with us; an experience which is often as challenging as it is rewarding and affirming.

Reviews can never be the whole story, so I urge you to look at our social feeds and see what students are both saying and doing, a picture speaks as thousand word, and our best accreditation is the personal success of our students. 

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