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We are blessed to have a highly motivated and engaged community who regularly share their personal thoughts , and triumphs with us. 

Martin kinnear Studio Online classes with Martin KinnearAdobeStock_130259154 copy.jpeg

"Wow! Studio Talk just gets betterer and betterer! Today's was absolutely fabulous. Loved it! Huge THANK YOU MARTIN for ST, and the Glowing Sunset course Feels like I'm growing wings!!!"

"Genius painting and teaching - just brilliant beautiful and inspirational- thankyou "

Martin kinnear Studio Online classes with Martin KinnearAdobeStock_129145720 copy.jpeg

" I have just watched Simply Oils Part 2 - and feel like i'm overwhelmingly inspired. I LOVE Turner and can't believe you've shown us the way to do it! I think I could stay up all night doing this and practise practise. Thankyou so much for such a great inspiring lesson. "

Norfolk Painting School Online Art Classes with Martin Kinnear 36.jpg

"Credit to NPS for giving us Studio Talk, a weekly joyous interval from daily servitude but also introducing wonderful artists to us. Yesterday was an immersion of colour, Ann Redpath in the morning and painter of light, Joaquin Sorolla class in the afternoon. My heart and head is so full of colour and anticipation of planning and starting the process…. just saying how wonderful the tuition is thank you “

"I would never have imagined 2 years ago that I could paint this on a long ground all in one go. I’ve learnt so much I absolutely love studio talk and The Norfolk Painting School. Thank you Martin for world class teaching and such generous sharing of your knowledge."


"Without the inspiration, direction and support from you I would never have got this far. Eternally grateful! I champion Norfolk Painting School Live and Martin whenever I can"    


Absolutely phenomenal first session in Advanced Oils .. I was transported back to the 19th century watching in awe of Martin Kinnear’s expertise both on and off the easel and my head is still whizzing around. thank you so much Jane for all those  answers ready to hand for the queries that were posed by the community . NPS promised AND delivered it with such aplomb.. down to us now

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