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Diploma in Oils 

Technical tuition and career mentoring for professionals

Diploma in Oil Painting  
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In-person mentoring, technical tuition, style development and art marketing; our most challenging and transformative program 


Our Diploma in Oil Painting is devised to make you the best painter you can be, and help you take your art career to the next stage.

The craft and art of painting 

Because serious painters have to explore the full potential of their chosen medium, the Diploma is taught in oils because they offer the greatest scope for technical development and creative innovation; for instance using oils as a starting point for classical painting, Impressionist style quick drying peinture d’essence and more contemporary oils, dry pigment and mixed media approaches.  

Over 18 months the diploma will take you through the biggest ideas and key techniques which underpin the successful practice of contemporary and classical oil painting   

Discover how you want to paint 

Unlike general art degrees the diploma is absolutely focussed on painting, and unlike classical ateliers it emphasises developing individual creative and technical abilities rather than a predetermined pseudo classical style.

Our emphasis on developing ‘your way’ to paint runs through the Diploma program, and for two thirds of the program you will be simultaneously working on a tailored and mentored personal painting project with Martin, whilst undertaking group study.    

Developed with life commitments in mind


Our Diploma is a part time course based around three day workshops in Martin’s personal teaching studio, followed by periods of structured home study.  With just three residential days per workshop and ample fully structured home study resources in place you can make it as full time as you wish.

15 workshops - 18 months      


Our 2025/26 program is a comprehensive and flexible Diploma format, providing extended and structured study time between workshops.  Split over three thematic trimesters the diploma mirrors a true apprenticeship; mentoring you in skills you need to paint correctly in Martin’s studio, before providing you with aesthetic guidance and then going on to help develop your own style. 

Delivered to work hand in hand with our established online tuition via Norfolk Painting School Live, the Diploma offers a unique blend of hands on tuition, personal project mentoring, structured personal study time, and on demand online consolidation.

Making your first step 

To get started register your interest by downloading our prospectus and see what we have to offer and what we're looking for. With limited places, applications are selective based upon a portfolio submission, and face-to-face interviews via Zoom.  

Beyond learning basic painting skills

Martin Kinnear's Professional Practice 

Aside from his technical painting skills. Martin is an internationally noted creative oil painter. The Diploma offers both technical and style development, mirroring his ability to be both technically and creatively proficient     

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Who's it for? 

Perfect for serious artists looking to develop a style and establish a career as a self-representing oil painter. The Diploma is also ideal if you're already practising but unable to progress

Member Extras

A comprehensive learning experience that includes access to our foundation program, a carefully selected library of on-demand courses, and tmembership of a moderated private diploma group. Our aim is to constantly develop the core skills of our students and provide them with the necessary resources to succeed in their studies.

What's Included

Our Diploma program offers 15 hours of contact time per workshop (225 hours over 3 terms, 270+ hours over 4 terms). You'll also get 4 hours of contact time per month through our StudioTalk program, plus one to three on-demand videos related to your current study (37.5 hours per course). 

What's Involved?

From a fully equipped home studio, you'll need to create at least two to four paintings between workshops and prepare a highly finished body of work for your one-to-one tutorial session each term. Our on-demand program provides optional incremental painting, gallery visit and study exercises between workshops to improve your core skills. Towards the end of the course you will be helped to develop your website and social feeds. 

"Martin’s teaching is far superior, more informative and generous than any I’ve received before" L.H. 

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