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Paint amazing Sea Paintings, that capture movement, power and light!

Join me, Martin Kinnear for my NEW three part MasterClass in Oils - Capturing the Power of the Sea, and create works inspired by artists such as Aivazovsky.

I made my reputation painting light and atmosphere - so believe me when I say that creating atmospheric sea paintings is easier than most painters think, using the clever Old Master inspired methods I’ve learned along the way.

My new three part MasterClasses make it easier for you to learn step by step, assimilate new skills, ask me when and how to use them in my live lectures, and crucially receive constructive group feedback on your first attempts to enable you to better understand and improve your course pieces.

This course is particularly suitable if you’re already painting with oils, and want to develop more atmospheric traditional seas or skies using glazing, scumbling and a tonal palette.

I would love you to join me for my next MasterClass - Capturing the power of the sea, starting April 22 at 6pm. Don’t forget, if you cant join me live, you can watch the whole session, and contribute to the course group, via Facebook, on demand. See my website for full course details.

Join and get StudioTalk Free

StudioTalk members get £75 off this MasterClass course, so if you join StudioTalk today for three months, you can book this class and claim the £75 discount immediately - effectively making StudioTalk FREE for 3 months a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Martin’s varied and exciting oil tuition programme as well as getting access to his renowned Simply Oils course ; that’s 9 hours of recorded on demand oil painting tuition, and around 12 hours of live and interactive painting tuition.

About The Martin Kinnear Studio

The Martin Kinnear Studio is a place where meticulously structured, interactive live and online courses in the specialised field of oil painting are offered. Led by award-winning artist Martin Kinnear Royal College of Art  (24/25) , a recipient of numerous accolades, including a prestigious medal from the Paris Salon, the studio is a beacon of artistic excellence.

Through the courses, students can expect to acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for the techniques and philosophies that underpin the art of oil painting, as well as to develop their own unique artistic voice and style. Whether they choose to participate in the live or online classes, students can rest assured that they will receive the highest level of instruction and guidance.


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