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Dream big - be amazing too!

Martin Kinnear is amazing! He is an amazing artist just look at this review of his latest show Regeneration ( The Bowes Museum - May 2nd ) that popped into my inbox this week- this is what his paintings mean to audiences . But do you know what is truly amazing? his passion , skill and bottomless patience to share his skills with all levels of students so that they too can achieve beyond their wildest dreams.

Missed studio talk this morning. I was at the Bowes visiting Martins exhibition. Stunning, just stunning and rather moving. If you haven’t seen it do go, even if you live at the other end of the country. I travelled from East Suffolk - a taxi, three trains and a bus. And it was worth it! Darlington station station is pretty gruesome but wondered what it would look like given the Kinnear treatment. I’ll try and imagine it on the way back. Going again tomorrow to look at the paintings with a more analytical eye - and for another session in the cafe!

This week saw the start of a new Diploma Cohort in our brand new studios in County Durham , a unique opportunity for a small number of students to immerse themselves in the art of becoming a professional painter from one who lives and breathes it. Watch this space we have high hopes for you and can't wait to share their success .

If you have a passion for painting no matter how small , join us and our wonderful StudioTalk community of positive, knowledgable motivated artists all for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week!

Let me bust some myths - Studiotalk is for you ( not for us ) to get you painting , learn about painting , talk about painting ,enjoy paintings , a space where you can forget about all the s**t! that is going on in the world at the moment .

It is completely free to try for 2 weeks ( why wouldn't you?) with the 14 day free trial

Yes our community are amazing painters but let me tell you a secret - they weren't all when they joined! but they are now! I could have burst with pride when a member posted her first picture painted with her left hand ( after losing the use of her right hand following a stroke ) and reading the numerous messages of support - simply priceless and well done her xx

Yes I am feeling emotional this week! I have had a horrid dose of Covid , the news continues to be relentlessly grim but StudioTalk made me smile and put things back into perspective .

We would love you to join us and become part of our quiet painting revolution.

Jane x

Finally made it to Martin’s regeneration exhibition at the Bowes . Blown away by the paintings . Felt quite emotional as I’m not sure how I would have got through the pandemic without studio talk and the inspiration it gave me to paint . Thank you Martin for sharing your skill with us . X

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