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Welcome to the Diploma Channel  

Make the Norfolk Painting School your own by building your perfect tuition program from our themed tuition channels. 


Based upon our signature One Year Diploma In Oils the Diploma Channel is an in depth program in the art and craft of oil painting with a focus on big ideas and approaches which will change the way you can work in oils. To deliver this it offers a rolling  program of 120 minute online lectures and demos, delivered live and interactive, monthly direct to your device. Unlike our physical workshop Diploma Course, each  lesson on the Diploma Channel,  can be taken in sequence or as a stand alone course as you prefer. 


How it Works

Our tuition channels deliver structured interactive online courses over 120 minute live and interactive lecture demonstrations, once per month.  The lectures are streamed at 6pm  one Wednesday evening per month, and available to watch on demand. for 7 days. This monthly structure allows you time to view the lecture and do your own work based upon it before the course progresses.

The Diploma Channel 

As Picasso observed, every artist has to learn to paint what they imagine, not simply what is there. The Diploma Channel offers courses which will broaden your horizons, challenge the way you think sand introduce you to some of the biggest and best ideas in art, so you can make them your own.  

The Diploma Channel is not intended to replicate the full workshop course of the same name, but rather to emphasise that it is drawn from our most exciting and challenging physical workshop program, and just like our original Diploma course places emphasis on the big ideas in painting which can transform your work. 


Make it Your Own

New course programs start every six weeks, so with our other tuition channels such as Studio Craft, Simply Oils, StudioTalk and Masterclasses we have everything you need to build your own perfect painting program.


You do not have to take any of our channel courses sequentially, they have a different learning emphasis and can work in any order, for instance you may wish to blend a Simply Oils program to help you develop core skills, a studio craft program to improve your technique and a Diploma program to broaden your creative ideas. 


Share Your Success

By joining the Simply Oils channel you'll get access to our private Diploma Channel Member's group page on Facebook Live - its an incredibly easy way to ask questions while you're watching each demo, and improve your outcome by sharing your paintings with other students.

Get Ready to Learn

When you sign up for your first six week Diploma Channel Course you'll get access to a pre recorded on demand induction lesson, which you can watch as many times as you wish. Our induction lesson is designed to get you ready to learn, and takes you through  a useful benchmark exercise designed to help you gauge your progress over the course. 


Additionally, you'll be able to download a pack of core notes and references, written especially for the online course which includes a handy materials list. 


Need Materials?


To help you get the best out of our courses we provide a discounted pre selected materials box for each channel, so you know you'll be ready to paint each exercise and  make the most of your tuition. 

What does it cost?


A three lesson course costs £175, and runs over three months. All of our Diploma channel programs consist of an on demand induction lesson, three 120 minute live and interactive lessons (subsequently available on demand for 7 days ) , access to a private Facebook tuition group and a set of PDF core notes for you to download and keep. 





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