Core Brush Set for Simply Oils

Core Brush Set for Simply Oils


Core Brush Set:

Glazing Brush (2″)

Large Filbert (12)

Medium Filbert(8)

Small Filbert(4)

Small Round(2)


The Core Brush Set includes everything you need to paint a  medium sized oil, comprising a 2″ flat area brush for glazing, imprimatura, softening, blocking in etc, plus large (12) and medium and small (8 and 4) Filberts for modelling Forms and a small round (2 ) for spotting and placing impasto.  All brushes are artist grade natural bristle or Hog as used at the School. We may make up exact brush sizes (e.g. 6 or 8 for the medium brush), depending on current stock, so as not to delay your order.



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