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Wow! Another Competition winner to celebrate.

Huge congratulations to StudioTalk member Anne Toase, who has just won 1st prize with this beautiful painting inspired by the teaching of the Norfolk Painting School Live's 'brilliantly clear' online classes.

Anne Posted ....

'I posted this before as my inspiration after the Focus On - painting from photos class. I entered it in a competition and I won first prize. Here are the comments from the idependent judge. And yes, Martin it is the Isle of Wight Art Club' Its been a wonderful experience these two years working with the school and finding new friends in the StudioTalk group. We are so fortunate to be able to communicate in this way about the things we love most in life'

The competition Judges critique is was...

"It is the one painting that escapes most successfully from being a painted photograph. The use of colour is imaginative and very well balanced and the main cliff face is particularly successful. Although the paint is laid on flat it successfully creates atmosphere and light whilst still being a good representation of the scene. A clear winner which puts painterly qualities before representation but still represents accurately.”

What an amazing critique! We couldn't be more proud of Anne and really hope she enjoys her champagne moment! Learning to paint away from photographs, and create works which are not simply stiff paintings off photos, but punchy and painterly original works from photos is not just a brilliant achievement but and a huge step in becoming a more critically successful painter. We all look forward to reading of Anne's next success and seeing more pictures from Anne on StudioTalk

Well done from all of us x

To find out more about StudioTalk member Anne, and see more of her award wining work simply visit .

"Well we said it was a good way to work ! You used the teaching brilliantly here Anne, so thank you for being an amazing student and thank you for generously sharing your success with our community ; I find you motivating and inspirational and I’m certain others will join me in saying well done for a well deserved recognition .

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