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Why don't they teach you this at Art Schools?

Is this you?

"I think I’ve been skirting around oils for decades because I thought they were for ‘proper’ artists and I didn’t feel like one of those. So I’ve finally bitten the bullet joined StudioTalk and now I want to know everything about oils!"

Do you want your paintings to Glow? be Luminous? be atmospheric? be commercial? be amazing?

Did you know that our world leading Simply Oils program is available FOC to all our StudioTalk members?

" I said this morning during Studio Talk that your teaching on colour is the best I’ve ever heard and I really mean it. I have studied colour at art college and again many times on various creative courses and workshops over the years. So many teachers don’t know what they are talking about, especially when it comes to desaturation. I paid an awful lot of money a couple of years ago to do an online course that many artists all over the world rave about but the artist running it clearly didn’t understand what he was trying to teach about colour. The whole thing was a waste of time and left me feeling quite depressed about painting. I wish I’d saved that money for your Advanced Oils course!" PH new StudioTalk member January 2023

Simply Oils Part 5 - An introduction to Indirect Painting joins our suite of Simply Oils classes this Tuesday January 31st at 10a.m. Martin Kinnear will teach you exactly how and why to glaze to achieve commercial, glowing luminous paintings . This teaching will be further expanded during our weekly StudioTalk classes held live and fully interactive at 10a.m. on Tuesday then available to watch at your leisure on demand. Receive valuable and informative feedback on you progress from the StudioTalk community all for £15 a month!

We are no trust fund babies here at StudioTalk so learn , paint and sell your work to cover your tuition - simple!

We look forward to welcoming you to StudioTalk join here

Thankyou Jane x

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