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What do you want? really really want?

Time to be honest with yourselves - what do you really want? do you really want to learn painting? or do you really want to socialise with your chums, have a good chat and also do a bit of painting? Both are equally valid and important but we only offer the first!

Learning with us is a unique experience , world class tuition from an Internationally award winning and exhibiting Artist - the real deal if you will. This means that you are able to receive the very best tuition at a time to suit you and your diary. We worked out that you could join every single class we offer and have a years membership of StudioTalk for less than the average cost of travelling to our old studios in Norfolk for one class. Let me let you into a secret you really would learn more and develop quicker with our proven live and fully interactive online tuition. With our investment into broadcast quality cameras and sound you really do see every brushstroke and hear every word , in fact you get the best seat in the house!

I collated the following comments from just one week on our private StudioTalk Facebook pages.

"I’ve just checked selection results for the Society of Women Artists exhibition - and poured myself a cheeky g&t!

Both of my entries have been accepted!!

But what I need to tell you is that the style and use of colour in these pieces is ENTIRELY the result of two years following Studio Talk and talking various NPS online classes.

Gradually, the gentle reinforcement of ideas and principles has changed what I want to achieve with my art, and enabled what I’m beginning to achieve with it now. It’s moved me away from the tight realistic work that was messing with my sanity!

I’m posting this with much gratitude to Martin and all the NPS team.

The exhibition opens at the Mall Galleries on 6th September. KN"

"Credit to NPS for giving us Studio Talk, a weekly joyous interval from daily servitude but also introducing wonderful artists to us. Yesterday was an immersion of colour, Ann Redpath in the morning and painter of light, Joaquin Sorolla class in the afternoon. My heart and head is so full of colour and anticipation of planning and starting the process…. just saying how wonderful the tuition is thank you Jane and Martin Kinnear and Paul Minter" S O’M

"I would never have imagined 2 years ago that I could paint this on a long ground all in one go. I’ve learnt so much I absolutely love studio talk and The Norfolk Painting School. Thank you Martin for world class teaching and such generous sharing of your knowledge."

If you are an ambitious painter why don't you join us? It couldn't be easier start by joining StudioTalk here we even give you a free 14 day trial period to see if its for you!

I look forward to meeting you .

Jane x

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Jill Craig
Jill Craig
Jun 17, 2022

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in both ability and knowledge, and, promoting my own art in exhibitions and open studios. Without the guidance and encouragement of the NPS (Mainly Martin Kinnear and Jane Kinnear) I would not have reached this exciting position. The constant weekly Studio Talk is an enthusiastic reminder that the NPS ‘family‘ is always there to support and inspire whatever we all do. An amazing achievement which has spread world-wide and is testament to the value of teaching and knowledge provided by Martin. Thank you so much for what you have enabled all of us to achieve.

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