Welcome to Norfolk Painting School Live

Welcome to Norfolk Painting School Live - a project that's been a decade in the making, but I'm a little ashamed to admit, took a pandemic to finally get over the line!

We've always been keenly aware that while we just love Norfolk, for its remote unspoiled beauty, that remoteness makes coming to our studios something of an endeavour for some students. So the idea of being able to offer the very best bits of what we do, without the drive or flight, has appealed to us for years.

When we put this together we wanted to put that Norfolk Painting School learning and community experience, at the centre of our thinking and your time with us online.

This site - just like the School - is all about community membership and sharing the pleasure of exploring our shared passion for painting. We are absolutely delighted to be able to do this through a series of ways from community art class to my new regular StudioTalk demonstration lectures and more structured courses in our new Masterclass format.

To that end we built Norfolk Painting School Live not just around social sharing platforms such as Facebook, our Forum and this blog, but crucially around the proven and popular Zoom live conferencing system - its the one chosen and used by the Government - so if you've seen any of the daily COBR briefings then you'll be more familiar with it than perhaps you realise.

Using Zoom we built a free community painting service to help people over the first stages of the lock down, and delivered some important courses so we could sensibly pause the learning of Diploma students caught mid trimester. A month into the lockdown we had used Zoom enough to realise that we could offer students a watching, listening, learning and commenting experience that was fully interactive.

This is so much more useful and interactive than carefully shot, graded and edited video as the learning experience in painting comes from experiencing how it is done in the round - not just seeing a film of it.

We now have our Live website and are about to embark upon delivering the painting programs you want through it, and in doing so - with your help and enthusiasm - it will grow into much more than a portal to Zoom links and social media. It will grow into what we always wanted it to be. A community.

We look forward to working with you.

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