Turner and Maurice Sapiro

Sometimes it's very easy to decide what to write on this blog, because the subjects are so fabulous they simply must be told. This week coming for instance, we are honoured to have the works of living legend Maurice Sapiro on our StudioTalk session.

Part moody American Tonalist, and part glowing ethereal Luminist, Maurice's multi layered works have always held a strong appeal for our classically inspired students because they are essentially 'what Turner did next'.

I've always been a HUGE fan of Maurice's work, and love to promote it and him through the School. Over the past few years we have built a fantastic working relationship - based on respect not commerciality I hasten to add - with Maurice. So it's with the greatest pleasure that we will be featuring him and his work as our inaugural Signature artist on Studiotalk.

With that in mind I've put together a project I published on Turner, back in 2013, so StudioTalk members can not only enjoy Maurice's methods, but work around them to encompass some of Turner's ideas also, to make them their own. Just as Picasso observed that in Art nothing is truly new, we have to remember that as artists our work is both an exercise in continuity with the past and a reflection of our unique individuality. Maurice has spent a lifetime proving that to be true, creating work that is both familiar and original; no mean feat.

In his spirit of embracing the craft of fine painting, I hope you are inspired to paint something Turneresque - or should that be Sapiroesque - on the back of this week's StudioTalk. Here is the PDF project for you to enjoy

Turner Article for Maurice Sapiro Studio
Download • 1.44MB

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