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Three methods every painter should know

Martin Kinnear on the three methods he always uses and thinks you should know...

Painting is complicated, so the burning question for anyone wanting to get better at it , is 'where do I start?', and the most common thing I hear as a tutor from my students is ' I'll start again, now I know how to do it!'

This gets to the heart of the problem of teaching - and of learning. To do something well you have to know how it all works, yet to really learn how to do anything you have to try it out before you know exactly how it works. It's a chicken and egg thing.

Free Event 16 November 6.30

Before I get into the ways I think you should paint its only polite if I ask you if you have any questions ? Luckily I have a free interactive talk planned so you can do exactly that. Join me online via Zoom at 6.30 on 16 November and I'll answer your questions about how my teaching could help you to get where you want to go.

Three Ways to Succeed

There are as many ways to paint as there are painters, however any technique boils down to a combo of just three methods: Indirect painting, Direct painting and the hybrid Direct/ Indirect method which painters such as Sargent and Sorolla used after Impressionism.

Method One: Indirect optical painting

My plan for year 1 of AO was to teach what I consider to be these three main ways of painting in great depth, through creating studies of master works, over multiple workshops, and between these sessions, providing themed creative workshops to help members contextualise the learning and use the techniques in their own work.

Method Two : Direct Impressionist painting

So at the start of year two AO members have three in depth projects which they can revisit as many times as they like to access Indirect Optics, Direct Impressionist and Direct/ Indirect Realist painting.

Method Three: Direct optical painting

For year two these are now in a new Advanced Oils on demand Library, which also includes a full video presentation of my Painting for A Gallery Masterclass; an important and relevant resource for AO members looking to monetise their original creative study as year two unfolds.

AO on demand 24/7 . our new library for AO year 2

Year two is about going beyond the in depth basics and trying some of the eye catching techniques which I know can define a personal style. This means innovative practices and clever ways to use direct, indirect and hybrid methods, such as starting a painting by working over and cutting into a long ground which I used the end of our first AO year to provide a taste of this by showing members how I paint my atmospheric forest scenes.

Goodbye year one - hello year 2: my first demo of innovative ways with paint for project 7.

This project showcased how I select from the skills at my disposal as I paint, and across year two I have selected the most useful ones I use to teach you; any of which I believe can be used to carve out an artistic style and career.

So my plan for year two is to order in depth workshops in my favourite methods, all of which can be contextualised by revision and study of the three core painting methods I use which are now in your new AO on demand library.

There's lots to come in year 2 and beyond

Added to this AO members enjoy full access to weekly StudioTalk and on demand Simply Oils resources. You can think of the former as regular inspiration, and the latter as on demand help.

AO members get Simply Oils and Studio Talk included

Join me for a live presentation and chat at 6.30 on the 16 November , simply get your free Zoom ticket here, or visit EVENTS on our website here :

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