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Summer School is Open !

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Join me, Martin Kinnear for hands on at your easel tuition for three dates only

There are lots of reasons to learn painting in person, after all it's all we did, and very successfully from 2007 until the pandemic unexpectedly and insistently accelerated the launch of our online teaching service.

But what's better, online or in person? To me , the two go hand in hand - online gives you great outcomes because it's easy to watch it again and again on demand as you paint.

Now while a live class can never do that, it does offer me a unique opportunity to physically work with you, test the rheology of a mix on your palette, or get you to feel exactly how wet or dry a paint layer should be. Online can never do that. Studio classes can never be re-watched on demand, online classes can never be 121 - both are great in their own way, but together? Well, together you can literally get the best of both worlds.

That's why we kept my flagship Diploma course as an in person studio course with online on demand access, and why I'm delighted to offer just three in person courses this Summer to my Studiotalk and Advanced Oils student groups.

Having such a great online community has allowed me to put together three courses designed to work with active painters from these communities - so rather than having to deliver a course from the ground up - and waste lots of time for intermediate painters doing so, - we can hit the ground running , do some amazing painting together, and concentrate on just what can be taught best in person.

That means rheology, textures, optics, and brush skills as well as having a useful group critique on the final day, where I can see if I can't add that extra something to a piece to two to demonstrate how far things can be pushed to make your good painting better.

With this in mind we're offering three courses - two at intermediate StudioTalk level which will really bring all of those Simply Oils programs into focus and one for my Advanced Oils cohort which shows a really hands on skill that I haven't taught yet, and brings projects 1 and 4 together.

In brief we have:

  • Three courses with a range of commercial styles so you can paint for fun and profit

  • Each course is based over two half days and a full day to minimise cost

  • All courses are taught in person by me so I can work with you 121.

  • Based in my Diploma teaching studio just off Scotch Corner, very easy to get to

  • Limited to ten people per class to ensure plenty of personal attention

  • Include a group critique on day 3, to help you see what to do next

  • Are delivered at intermediate to advanced level to suit your online experience

My aim is to keep the courses crisp, relevant, useful, structured, to the point and above all fun, for intermediate to advanced painters - because what could be more fun than learning to do something you love better amongst like minded painters? All of the courses are scheduled over three days, to make them as inexpensive and easy as possible to attend, and all are fully detailed in this PDF we've put together.

Summer Packver 3.0
Download PDF • 3.72MB

Places are limited, and on a first come first served basis - so please get in touch if you want to take part. You can book your place directly from the website here

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