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Say goodbye to grey mud in your painting

Check out the latest on demand Simply Oils video on colour mixing, from The Martin Kinnear Studio, exclusively for StudioTalk Members.

I don't know about you, but if I was pushed to say the one thing I found the most frustrating about learning to paint was improving my colour mixing. The annoying thing is that fixing colour mixing is so simple, that I really don't understand why it's not taught.

In fact when I went to Art School back in the mid eighties, the very first thing we did was paint a colour wheel - but here's the thing - guess what we did with that colour wheel? Nothing.

It was never used again, as if the tutors expected us to learn how to use it by some kind of osmosis. I can only conclude that either myself and the entire group were inherently clueless, or (and I modestly believe that this is more likely), our tutors had not themselves been taught how to use it.

To be fair I have sympathy for this, because the number of colour mixing methods and systems out there are legion, and all colour mixing advice is generally well intentioned but badly informed.

The simple truth is that armed with a basic colour wheel you already have all of the information you need to mix any colour cleanly and reliably. Forget pre mixed magic colours, forget those complex colour chart grids, and forget those colour mixing wheels which spin on three bits of card. All you need is a colour wheel diagram and the information you need to use it; it's beautifully simple.

'A really valuable session today Martin explains things which are very easy to understand. Great that these sessions are available whenever needed. Many thanks' (GD. Studiotalk member)

Anyway , if you'd like to learn colour mixing the correct way and get rid of all of that baggage then I'm delighted to say that its all now on demand for my StudioTalk members as lesson three of my Simply Oils Program.

'Such a clear and reasoned approach to the colour wheel - I now understand it'(CE. Studiotalk Member)

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