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Updated: Jul 10

Hands on narrated and described demonstrations lie at the heart of our program online or offline

Lots of students have two burning questions for me right now, but dear reader I've been dodging them, for reasons I'll explain below. Firstly, are you committed to online tuition now you're back in the studio, and secondly if you are, and if I can do either, which should I choose?

Great questions and now I'm fresh back from the studio after the first day of our first post pandemic workshop I'm finally in a great place to answer them.

Our firm commitment to online tuition

Like most educators we were interested in online tuition before the pandemic, but it was something on our 'to do' list. We had intended to trial it, and had most of the kit in place, so when the pandemic made it imperative to deliver it quickly we were able to offer that service in under a week.

Having delivered online tuition - from full interactive in depth lectures, to augmenting scheduled courses and delivering more informal demos - we've seen the huge benefits of it for our customers, and we're absolutely committed to doing as much of it, as well as possible going forward. We're not starry eyed about it of course as the online facility is fundamentally different (different not better or worse), to a physical workshop. With this in mind we're currently commissioning lots of new kit to ensure your tuition viewing experience is world class, and if you love the online stuff hold on to your paintbrushes - the new cameras are awesome!

So in a nutshell, we are not only committed to online going forward but to positively investing in it to enrich your experience, including not just new kit, but new tuition broadcast channels for you to mix and match to 'build' your ideal tuition experience.

Studio workshops

Back in the studio for the Eardley masterclass

We understand that for many students, a physical workshop is part of that 'ideal tuition' mix, so we are committed to delivering those in addition to online classes. We think that this will allow you to build a blended learning experience. mixing regular online classes with key studio workshops for instance.

COVID secure for your safety and peace of mind

Today's masterclass workshop took place under total COVID secure conditions and I'm happy to say that it felt very much like business as usual, in fact I suspect that some students may have even preferred the fact I couldn't share my passion for the Bob Dylan's back catalogue as we painted (the restriction on music meant we had no studio tunes). Apart from that it was wonderful to work with students again, fantastic to interact in real time as they painted and heartening to hear how many of them were enjoying the online experience also.

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