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Looking for Inspiration, find a Sketch!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Join StudioTalk this week and see how to paint the works that the Masters were going to do next as we work from loose sketches to colourful paintings.

From a loose sketch
To something like this ...

This week join me, Martin Kinnear, in my Dales studio as I create an original work inspired by my recent study trip to see Joan Eardley's paintings in Scotland.

Don't miss my forthcoming solo show Regeneration in Spring 2022.

It's a perfect warm up if you'll be joining me soon for my forthcoming in depth masterclass on Eardley's much more physical, energetic and expressive Catterline landscapes Masterclass. To find out more and grab your ticket click here while places are available.

If you've yet to join StudioTalk then simply click here

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