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If you want to Learn to Paint, learn from a Painter.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Martin Kinnear on this week at The Norfolk Painting School and his undying admiration for the benefits of studying the Masters.

John Constable had it right when he advised that artists and art lovers ' should be inclined to look to painters for information about painting.' So this week I'll be sharing my passion as a painter, to all of the painters out there who want to create works which have a sense of time, of place and of atmosphere but don't get bogged down in photographically stiff detail.

Focus On: Glowing Sunsets, Live 10am Tuesday, then for 7 days On Demand

Join me live and interactive for two great sessions this week. In Glowing Sunsets on Tuesday I'll be demonstrating the atmospheric method which allowed me to be a successful commercial artist, and on Wednesday I'll show you how John Constable showed me how to use looser paint to bring things to life - an essential skill if you paint from photos (!), in my Masterclass Constable's Sketches.

Constable's Sketches my Wednesday Masterclass.

Places are limited but don't forget if you join the course, you can always watch On Demand for 7 days afterwards. See you in class .


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