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Fund Your Painting Tuition!

We see your Art Education as an investment not a cost! This fundamental ethos runs through every level of our Tuition from StudioTalk ( Beginner to Intermediate ) Advanced Oils through to our professional development Diploma . We celebrate , encourage and promote our students commercial lives. We encourage our students to exhibit their work , from local Art Societies , Craft Fairs , Street Markets up to top Galleries, there is no greater compliment when someone you don't know loves your work so much they want it on their walls.

We teach , support and encourage all of our students at every level to learn first then use those learnings to create original creative works . Just take a look at these results!

The following "Not Boring"Portraits was the culmination of our latest StudioTalk ( remember beginner to Intermediate level ) Project . Take a good look they are all fantastic in their own way and we absolutely love them , Well done to all our members for digging deep , joining in and sharing their work .

Big shout out to all the students featured above in order : Liz Dickson, Sandra Mcdougall, Tom Shea, Thalia Stones , Tim Jones and Helen Crichton.

I know times are tough and all budgets are being squeezed , but let us help you fund your learning ! You can join StudioTalk here

You can find out more about the Professional Development Diploma here

All our classes at every level are taught by Martin Kinnear a hugely successful exhibiting Artist and an amazingly patient , knowledgeable and generous tutor. Follow Martin @kinnearmartin,

See Martin's latest solo show here

Attend Martin's latest Artist Talk on April 19th at 2 p.m. full details here

Or see Martin's Lethe painting ( all 5 m of it!) at the Chaiya Art Awards in London full details here

I cant get stress enough how much pleasure Martin and I get from seeing our students succeed , its the reason we get up each morning! We look forward to welcoming you too.

Jane xx

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