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Simply Oils part 4 is now free for StudioTalk Members

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Join Martin Kinnear for free on demand Simply Oils classes with StudioTalk Membership.

Simply Oils part 4 is now on demand for all StudioTalk members.

I wish I'd known me when I was younger - no that makes no sense - I mean that I wish I could have met my older self, and been shown as a younger man how to paint by somebody who knew what to do , and more importantly what not to do.

In 2000 when I decided to quit my day job and pursue my dream of becoming an oil painter. my first mistake was to buy all of the wrong kit at WH Smiths and self confidently have a go. Not that I'm against self confidence, quite the opposite - however in teaching myself, I also managed to unwittingly pick up and practice a lot of bad habits.

In the end it took me four years of focused effort and lots of false starts and blind alleys to get somewhere. It took me until the back end of 2016 to shake off all of my bad habits by the way, but that's another story.

My first oil as a self trained painter. Buttermere 2004.

So when we launched what was to become The Norfolk Painting School, the content of my first - and at the time , only - course was easy: Simply how to paint in oils.

Simply Oils was not only my first course it is in a sense the course, because everything I teach ultimately stems from it, and starts with developing a straight forward and practical understanding of all of the important stuff that builds good painting practice.

Does Simply work? You bet - many of my Diploma graduates (who have variously professionally exhibited as painters all over the world and at least one of whom, is exhibiting with me next week at the prestigious Paris Salon), have gone through a program based upon the ways to practice painting well, as taught in Simply Oils.

The big news is that now that the dust has settled on taking our school online we have come up with a brilliant way to offer Simply Oils to all of our StudioTalk community. StudioTalk is now not only a weekly inspirational online demonstration but is transforming into a much bigger service; StudioTalk plus Simply Oils on demand.

'I have just arrived here. I’m at the beginning of my painting journey and I’m obsessed! I’m undertaking an art foundation course however there is no oil tuition?! I have learned so much here from the first few videos' Chris S. (joined January 2023)

New Multi week demos for more experienced painters

StudioTalk now includes some multi week demonstrations which offer longer in depth painting tuition and have already led to some revelatory new painting experiences for some members.

Our first multi week demo on StudioTalk Plus.

To allow new and improving StudioTalk members to really get the best out of these; I am absolutely delighted to announce that my step by step Simply Oils program is now being introduced free of charge within StudioTalk, as a watch on demand service to subscribers. Part one started September 27th , so there's never been a better time to join.

Solve those drying times. Simply Oils!

What to Expect

Simply Oils is a large course and covers everything from the ground up . From how to lay out your studio, to the right kit to buy, which brushes to use and even how to make proper oil grounds and mediums, you won't be ill advised.

It's not just aimed at beginners though, because as a core skills program which I've taught and developed since 20007, Simply Oils covers dead painting systems, ebauche, optics, massing, how to manage range, how to subtractively mix colour and more.

It is in summary the course on oils for serious beginners and ambitious improvers.

StudioTalk will now start to regularly incorporate dedicated on demand Simply Oils sessions, especially and newly recorded for our members.

Clear concise and proven . Simply Oils

The first Simply Oils session featured as September 27th's StudioTalk and introduced some all important concepts which in turn allowed me to record session two for you where I demonstrated how to take those existing acrylic, watercolour or gouache skills you might have, and leverage them to paint a creative study after JMW Turner in oils.

Simply Oils isn't a course for beginners but it is the course that everyone who paints in oils or wants to learn to paint in oil should begin with.

Studiotalk Plus now features our popular member's community challenges, prize competitions, mock up of the week, to help build or member's social media, live interactive and inspirational demonstrations, new multi week in depth learning demonstrations and following this week's launch session, will feature regular Simply Oils teaching newly recorded for our members to enjoy on demand.

New Simply Oils on demand parts 1 to 4 over 4 hours of in depth on demand tuition.

Over the coming months we'll be adding more and more core Simply Oils level on demand content to StudioTalk to help you become the best oil painter you can be, and making StudioTalk Plus an more invaluable community for new and improving oil painters.

For our more experienced painters we have some big plans in mind to bring you multi session intermediate and advanced courses, so our online School will be able to help you from starting and improving your oils to getting that first competition success, sale or gallery representation. All in all our revised online course programs will be absolutely ideal to get you in the right place to succeed on my face to face Diploma Course which has opened so many doors across the art world for our alumni.

StudioTalk Plus is easy to join and you can cancel without obligation at any time. Find out more and join today to see the current on demand broadcast here.

You can access a free recording of one of our old style single session StudioTalk broadcasts to get a feel for how our live and interactive demonstrations look here.

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1 Comment

Thalia Stones
Thalia Stones
Jan 03, 2023

I encourage every new artist I meet to join Studio Talk, and I meet quite a few here on Malta. Inspirational tuition and expert advice within a safe and secure group.

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