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Free - StudioTalk episode for you to watch

Huge thanks to New StudioTalk member Ed who took the time to email me saying

"I am a new member and have just watched the first Studio Talk. Really enjoyed it and plan to paint the work each week .

I had a thought. I've been havering around joining for a while now and wondered what would have made me take the plunge earlier.

I wondered if you should post an old Studio Talk as an example on your website - so people can see the quality before they sign up. I bet once people see the first one, they are hooked.

Just a thought - feel free to disregard it"

I thought what a great idea so here is a shortened film of our Summer Special StudioTalk that was broadcast live July 5th and was then available to watch on demand for 3 weeks . Please enjoy and if you would like to join us for inspirational live and fully interactive StudioTalk classes please find out more here .

If you sign up today you can join us live tomorrow when we announce the winners of our latest creative competition.

Hope to see you soon

Jane x

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