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Benchmark your painting for Advanced Oils

An invitation to join me, Martin Kinnear for the first part of a special StudioTalk member's project to celebrate the forthcoming launch of my new Advanced Oils classes.

I don't know what fires your enthusiasm for painting ; but for me it's the chance to learn new things and get that 'aha so that's how they did it ' moment when what seemed so far out of reach suddenly becomes possible.

On the back of our new and reimagined Simply Oils course (now available free and on demand to StudioTalk members with much more to come), we are just about to launch Advanced Oils brand new advanced class for ambitious and improving painters.

You're probably wondering, well that sounds great but as far as a course is concerned am I an advanced painter?, intermediate, a strong beginner or what? That's a fair question because the truth is we all have gaps.

I've met some top drawer contemporary painters who are simply brilliant at what they do, but just don't see the importance of value or of optics in the way that a classical painter intuitively would. If they did, their work would be so much stronger, but they don't know what they don't know. The same's true the other way around of course, classical painters who just are not getting the most out of their colour. It's not lack of ability, it's lack of information.

You'll be amazed what you can do once you know how. Terri Broughton one of my Diploma Alumni

Anyway if you're curious about your skill gaps, I'm starting a special multi part demonstration of classical oil painting this week, exclusively for StudioTalk members to give everyone a taste of the difference between my new advanced courses and the structured core skill building we've been doing on Simply Oils.

We'll be doing glazing, direct painting, modelling, edge management and so much more. I've chosen a maritime work by Henry Bright an artist whom I adore for us to work from, but of course we'll be bringing fresh ideas to our studies to make it our own. Bright's work incidentally is about as good as it gets if you want to know how to paint light, do transitions and use mediums. His study of St Benet's (below) is absolutely stunning as is my personal favourite Bright, his maritime study of Yarmouth.

There's nothing a study of Bright can't teach you about painting light!

Get in the wait list for Advanced Oils

Advanced Oils will be an amazing new service designed to replace all of our short masterclass and Focus On courses with a lively program of multi week on demand demonstration / classes covering literally everything I know about painting.

We'll be launching it mid November on a first come first served basis to a strictly limited number of students, with our valued StudioTalk members getting first choice and a hefty discount.

Advanced Oils, coming soon but places are limited

So join me this Tuesday - an on demand of course and see where your painting really is at. its a great chance to join us for a challenging and fun classical benchmark, and you'll be amazed at what didn't know you didn't know!

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