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Advanced Oils is now Open !

Martin Kinnear on what's included and why in our new Advanced Oils Membership!

Live interactive classes to small groups with real time Q&A, that's Advanced Oils

So it's the big weekend (drum roll...) we've just launched our Advanced Oils membership and given a whopping £250 thank you to all of our existing StudioTalk members who wish to upgrade their membership before the first Advanced Oils session.

So what's Advanced Oils, and more importantly why are we giving our members a £250 incentive to leave Simply Oils?

It's About Your Painting Journey

A dedicated group hangout to book your live sessions from and critique your projects

Our popular weekly StudioTalk service is absolutely brilliant if you're new to oils, or just want the option to take part in a regularly changing program of inspiring painting projects. However we recognise that the really meaty stuff on dramatic Old Master techniques, glowing Impressionist colour or exciting abstract expressionist mark making is not for everybody, but if you're getting experienced with your oils and have the ambition to take the next step up, then Advanced Oils is absolutely for you.

Advanced Oils is a one year adventure of live and interactive fortnightly classes dedicated to experienced and improving oil painters, it's exactly the sort of service that you'd expect from a serious dedicated oil painting school, and that's why it's not for everybody on StudioTalk - at least not everybody yet.

Interactive Joined Up Classes give better Results

A new book of core methods and invaluable visual guides for your studio

Learning to paint works best if you take a great inspiring theme and run with it. By offering multi session in depth lessons, with lots of painting time between them Advanced Oils offers in depth projects which allow you to truly explore a skill and build it into your repertoire.

We're keeping the class small and running it through a live and interactive Zoom - straight from my studio to yours, so Advanced Oils members get the real time interactivity they need to truly discuss and explore whats on offer. What's more, Advanced Oils classes all feed into a dedicated moderated peer to peer online critique group with every session from the previous and current project rewatchable on demand as many times as you like.

This combination of interactive live teaching, on demand video to watch as you paint, and a dedicated peer to peer critique group really works ti create great learning results.

Great Value not Cheap

Watch live or on demand its up to you

For us, teaching oil painting is a vocation, so we do our absolute best to ensure that whatever you want to learn you can get great value world class tuition.

Advanced Oils includes over 20 separate interactive live classes per year with me, Martin Kinnear, a dedicated moderated peer to peer critique group, new and comprehensive core PDF notes, full access to StudioTalk , and full access to my expanding all new Simply Oils foundation skill videos on demand (you never know what you need to brush up on..).

That means Advanced Oils members are getting dedicated joined up live tuition for under £45 per workshop - well under my 2021/22 stand alone Masterclass and Focus On course prices. By taking a full dedicated course, you get great value in return.

Advanced Oils includes StudioTalk and Simply Oils !

£250 off for StudioTalk Members

As a thank you to our StudioTalk members we have already sent each and every one of them a £250 e -voucher, making a full year of Advanced Oils incredible value. Without them there would be no school , and we know that however good the tuition, any school is only as good as its students. If you are a current StudioTalk member and you have not received your email invitation to join Advanced Oils then contact us straight way as the voucher expires once the course starts on 28th November.

Not Ready? Don't Worry

If this all sounds a bit challenging then you'll be pleased to hear that my dedicated StudioTalk and Simply Oils services are really going from strength to strength, with new members really benefiting from the new multi session StudioTalk demos and instructive on demand Simply Oils content, so you can get your skills and ambition up for Advanced Oils if and when a place becomes available.

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Thank you Martin for your generous offer to join advanced oils. Sadly, It is a great opportunity that I simply cannot finance I enjoy Studio Talk tremendously, look forward to it every week, learn from it, and try hard with the paintings. I wish you every success with your new venture.


Audrey Davenport
Audrey Davenport

Hello Martin and. Jane. The new course in oils sounds wonderful but sadly I have finally decided I have to opt out. I am now 93 and this autumn my osteoarthritis has really kicked in. A.lthough I still drive a car locally, I cannot stand for long periods: also the hands seize up. Ihad to give up wood carving last year, hoping the latter would improve but reluctantly have to admit oils are out. Unwillingly I have turned to drawing and water- colour instead.

Thank you both for being. absolutely amazing and.incredibly patient on the Internet. Although I. have continued to complete. each assignment incredibly slowly I have. not sent it in at a late stage. Will do so …


Anne  Steer(EggyAnne)
Anne Steer(EggyAnne)

Hello Martin. I was very interested in joining the advanced oils group, especially for the glowing impressionist colour and old master techniques. I attended your courses from the beginning in Norfolk and online with studio talk and really enjoyed the masterclasses over the years and have some very successful paintings to show for it. Thank you for all the information you have imparted over the years which has enriched my life. I am now not far off 80 and feel unfortunately I can’t commit to the years’ course, but I do wish you and all your students well in the future. Anne Steer



I will miss the concentrated Focus On and especially Masterclass options

Presumably there will be no choice here for specific painting styles as we have to commit for the whole year?


John Walker
John Walker

Hi Martin and Jane your new Advanced Oils on Demand sounds great but I hope you will keep the Tuesday morning ST going as well. At 80 and my wife's carer I am able to nip in and out with something new each week when I like during the winter months which keeps me painting.

Although I have been painting for a number of years I have learnt so much this year.

Old dogs and new tricks comes to mind, I will have to give it a miss, sorry.

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