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10 Things to paint in '22

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Martin Kinnear on 10 inspirational projects to do with Norfolk Painting School Live over the coming year

Did you know that after exercise , weight loss and becoming more organised, learning to master a hobby is the 4th most popular New Year resolution?

While only 46% of people who make these resolutions are ultimately successful they achieve much more than just 4% of non resolvers in achieving their goals, and those 46% do so by following some simple habits:

  • Mentally prepare for change

  • Set a motivating goal

  • Be realistic

  • Be specific

  • Break big targets into regular small wins

  • Write down your goals

  • Make a public commitment

  • Make it easy to commit by working around your job and home life

  • Review your progress regularly

  • If you lapse, start again quickly

StudioTalk - my weekly inspirational art demo and community hub - is a perfect way to get into those habits, and at only £2.50 per week an affordable one too. You can join StudioTalk for 14 days free of charge, and cancel your membership without penalty at any time.

With all of that in mind here are 10 things to do in '22 to help to get you into that successful and motivated 46%.

Step 1: Make a public commitment to regular small wins by taking part in StudioTalk. With live inspirational demos 50 weeks of the year our regular challenges and competitions are the very best way to keep your inspiration and commitment alive.

Step 2: Join your local art group so you can take part in their shows and competitions and really see the benefit of your StudioTalk membership as you watch your skills take off

Step 3: Take part in our regular StudioTalk Member's Challenges and post your work up for a chance to be selected for our weekly Member's showcases and regular awards.

Step 4: Get that Instagram account set up and start to show your work to the world. If you win one of our weekly StudioTalk ' Mock Up of The Week' mentions , we'll send you a professional image of your work for use on your social media. It's a great way to plant those vital seeds for future success.

Step 5: Take advantage of your StudioTalk Membership to get reduced Member pricing on our stand alone interactive online classes, with StudioTalk priced at an amazing £2.50 per week , its easy to get it fully subsidised for the year by enjoying the member's discount on a few extra courses.

Step 6: Get that studio organised, if you're going to take it seriously by taking extra courses you'll need a proper space for your inspiration. From March 2022 we'll be launching our new Simply Oils program so you can get lists of the kit you need, and access on demand core skills videos and more from our site

Step 7: Select a style you'd like to work in from our Focus On program. Every artist is different of course, but our three style building programs in Glowing Classical, Contemporary Colourful and Figurative painting will help you to work towards building the right style for you.

You can take just one of the stand alone Focus On courses in any style to get a feel for it, take four for a deep dive into your preferred style, or even take all twelve for a full year of structured practical intermediate tuition.

Step 8: Get that website organised - its the first thing that your buyers and galleries for that mater will look at once they want to see more of your work; and if you stick any it they will. You can get lots of marketing advice on our Gallery Masterclass Program

Step 9: Take part in open competitions and get the benefit of working towards limited and scheduled goals. StudioTalk members get the benefit of a free to enter prize competition each quarter, and its easy to find hundreds of other opportunities online with accredited organisations from the RA to the Mall Galleries.

Step 10: Get past painter's block and stay motivated with our Masterclass program. Our new Signature Masterclasses offer advanced step by step tuition and are the ideal companion to our established Masterclass program aimed at helping you explore the big themes of painting which can absolutely transform your style and re focus you in a new direction.

When you're ready to go on to greater things and want to take your work to market then we've got that covered with our Galley Masterclass professional development program; making step 11 your first step for 2023.

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Lynda Baxter
Lynda Baxter
03 ม.ค. 2565

Another exciting year ahead with the NPS team. It’s been interesting and inspiring to watch the ongoing transformation of the NPS offer to students over the past year or so. The Studio Talk feels like a welcoming comfort blanket every Tuesday, offering a safe harbour from this slightly chaotic and unknown pandemic world. (Mixed my metaphors but what the heck!) Roll on 2022.


Jill Craig
Jill Craig
03 ม.ค. 2565

With all this information and encouragement NPS members will be making a giant mark on 2022. With your guidance and support, Martin and Jane, along with Paul and Lorraine, I think there will be a step change in what your NPS community will be producing! Can’t wait to see what we all achieve. It’s a very exciting and challenging prospect. Thank you for everything.

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