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Taking Part in A Masterclass 

Masterclasses are fully interactive half day (2.5 - 3 hour) demonstrations delivered by Course director Martin Kinnear and his team directly to a group via our Zoom invective conferencing and teaching App.


Using Zoom you can watch the demonstration, ask questions in real time and see and hear real time lecturing including on screen key note slide lectures. All in all it's as close as you can get to attending a live  Norfolk Painting school class in our studios.  


Taking part is very easy , all you need is a broadband internet connection , and a home computer or tablet device attached to a headset microphone. Before you book a Masterclass please watch our how to video below.    

Masterclass FAQ 


Who is it For?


Masterclasses are in depth narrated demonstrations for experienced painters. They are taught in oils because oils offer the potential to recreate the effects used in the works we are studying. If you’re currently less accomplished or work in another media, our experience of teaching suggests that less experienced artists always gain a lot of insights from watching professional ones at work, even if they can’t yet fully replicate what’s on show.  

What do I need to access the interactive classroom?


The class is delivered from our studio to yours via ZOOM, the industry standard video conferencing and virtual classroom software. To access ZOOM you will need a stable, fast broadband connection and a device such as a tablet, home computer or smartphone.


We strongly recommend that to get the most connected and immersive experience that you ZOOM on the biggest screen you have and use a handsfree headset/speaker device which connects to your ZOOM device, so you can both listen and be heard clearly.


When you buy a Masterclass your confirmation ‘ticket’ includes a unique ZOOM link, which will take you to the class, during the scheduled class time, when you click it. 


If you are new to ZOOM and would like to check your connectivity, you can enter the class ‘waiting room’ up to 20 minutes before the scheduled start time, where one of our assistants tutors will be waiting to greet you online. We recommend that you do this for your first Masterclass even if you are familiar with ZOOM. 


ZOOM enables you to see and hear what is going on, as well as ask questions or make observations in real time. Please note that once you are in class you - and any body near your device - will be able to heard by all participants, unless you MUTE your microphone. When you initially join any class you will be muted by default.


ZOOM is very easy to use as a participant, but has many advanced features for hosts. As well as using our 20 minute waiting room time to check your kit, you can take advantage of the many online videos dedicated to how to use it, (try YouTube and the ZOOM site).     


We find that the most natural and familiar way to manage your ZOOM experience is to treat the Masterclass just as you would any meeting at work, or a service in church; listen, don’t talk over or constantly interrupt the speakers, avoid engaging with conversations with people outside of the meeting, and keep your phone set to silent.  


To ensure this works smoothly we always schedule regular breaks within the class (for you to get coffee, go to the loo etc), along with frequent dedicated question and answer sessions during the class, which are the best time to check understanding. See below for how a class is scheduled.       



What materials do I need to take part?


You can enjoy and benefit from the Masterclasses without using exactly what is used on the demonstration. However, we have published a full list of the materials used by the tutors in their studio, which can be downloaded in PDF form from this page HERE.  


What happens on the day?


Each Masterclass will differ in content and exact timings but follows a standard format based on a 6-9pm or 10am - 12.30pm class. The class will always start on schedule, and end as near to the published time as possible, however the exact timings of the presentations within these will vary of course, depending on the group’s questions etc. :


  1. 5.45 pm The waiting room opens 20 minutes before the start

  2. 6pm - @7pm  First Presentation. The class starts on schedule with the first presentation, which will last around an hour, depending on whether it is a painting demonstration, a lecture or a combination of both. The first presentation generally shows how the subject of the Masterclass is done.    

  3. @7-7.30 pm. Main Q&A. We will pause for a group Q&A joined by the assistant tutor to enable you to check understanding. This is the longest Q&A on the course, so you can check your fundamental understanding of the principal demonstration 

  4. @7.30-8.30  Second Presentation We will deliver the second presentation, which will last around an hour, depending on whether it is a painting demonstration, a lecture or a combination of both. The second presentation generally expands upon the first - showing a variant or second instance of how to do it.  

  5. @8.30-8.45. Second Q&A. We will pause for a group Q&A joined by the assistant tutor to enable you to check understanding  

  6. @8.45 - @9pm. Consolidation  We will deliver the third presentation, this will consolidate the course and suggest ways of you following it up in your own studio. 


NB: All timings are GMT


We recommend that you decide whether to paint along or take notes before the course. As a rule we find that students get better results if they concentrate on learning rather than doing, and set aside painting until you can watch the lecture again on demand and work at your own pace.  


Although you will be able to watch the lectures on demand after the course, make sure to interact while it is live, as we are unable to enter into qualifications and discussions after the course.          


What happens after the Course?


The recording of the lecture will be hosted to the Norfolk Painting School Live site on a password protected page within 24 hours and be available for 7 days from the time it is posted up. You will be supplied with a personal password for you to privately access the on demand lecture. Important: the lecture must not be copied, disseminated, downloaded or supplied by you to any third parties without our express written permission.    


Sharing Your Work 


If you are also a Member of the site with access to the Forum we would love to see your personal paintings based upon the Masterclass, in fact sharing your work and ideas is the very best way to maximise your own learning as it requires you to implement the instruction your way.

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